About Sofia Jain-Schlaepfer

I sit right in between many worlds, art and science, philosophy and embodiment, spirituality and logic. My background is in both visual arts and Biology (MSc at James Cook University).


Recently I have moved to and island off the coast of British Colombia, to reconnect to my original inspiration for it all: nature. I live close to the elements in a tiny home heated by a fire, my shower is a pond, my living room is a forest. Here I am apprenticing with Wisdom of the Earth nature connection program, to learn more ways of helping people connect with themselves, each other and nature, which in my opinion is the solution to a lot of the worlds problems.


The more time I spend with my skin close to the earth, the rain in my hair, following the wind, the more it works on me, filling my heart and whispering in my ears whispers of depth and hope. That is what I hope to share through my various forms of creativity.